Viktor Pavel

German voice over artist + live interpreter (ger.-engl). Sprecher + Simultandolmetscher in Berlin

I have been working as voice over artist in Berlin for some 25 years now, and I want to take the time to recommend Matthew Reichman whom I had the pleasure to work with.

Matthew was my voice over director via phone. The session was somewhat demanding as the man goes for the best. A competent v.o. director makes any v.o. talent sound much better. Most rewarding: he knew what he wanted, he also knew when he got it, despite being open for my suggestions as well. That is a rare quality. When I watched the finished movie, I was happy and I was impressed. Astonishing visualization! Images, edit, sound, mastering—all flawless, superb, witty and "right on target"! Here is a man who knows what he is doing, absolutely in charge of his creative talents. And I instantly grasped his client´s intention. I saw a strategic concept turned in to a movie.

When working with Matthew, I really liked his meticulous attention to detail without ever losing focus on the project as a whole. Trust is important between a director and an actor, and it was instantly there. May I say I proved to be just the right voice over artist for that particular job and Matthew knew it before I did. "Reich" by the way translates as "rich" in german, so Matthew Reichman even has a most appropiate name.

Plus he is a very likeable chap, as the British would put it.
When it comes to movies or visualizations Matthew Reichman is the man to contact. I give you my word.

"... superb, witty and 'right on target'..."