Mark Yardas

Owner & Publisher at Neighbor2Neighbor | Small Business Marketing

Matthew worked with us on the redesign of our publication, neighbor2neighbor, and its brand identity. My background is in writing and visual arts, so I do not consider myself a newbie in these matters. That said, I found Matthew's contribution to our project to be nothing short of brilliant. It went much further than graphic design. The guy is bursting with ideas, and he was most helpful in helping us find ways to make our message at once more cohesive and more genuine. When you're in the middle, so to speak, it's not always so easy to see what you're doing. Matthew's refreshingly honest and sharp observations woke us up to ways that we could really improve so many aspects of our business. And his design sense is truly first-rate—we always worked to create an attractive publication, but with Matthew we hit a whole new level. Finally, he's a good collaborator and fun to work with. We always had the sense that he appreciated being a part of our crew, and this is very important to us. Matthew is an exceptional resource—most highly recommended.

"... refreshingly honest..."