Debbie Falb

Producer, Content Producer

Before I brought Matthew on to be creative director for a high-profile internal sales meeting for our client company, I knew that he was incredibly talented and (well) creative. He had produced some simply beautiful work in a variety of media, displaying an original, sophisticated aesthetic that I knew would raise the bar on what we showed on screen at our meeting.

After bringing him on, I also learned that he has great rapport with the client, as well as that rare ability to respond to and incorporate client notes respectfully, directly and openly without compromising his own vision. He conceived and made the client very comfortable (and ultimately really, really happy) with a completely different kind of opening video for the meeting.

He also walked into a very challenging situation—
working with a new team of designers and technicians using unfamiliar technology—and led us all through a challenging process that resulted in consistently stunning speaker support that got raves from all quarters.

And perhaps most important—having achieved these successes—Matthew was also able to see and gracefully articulate where he could and would do better next time.

Overall, he did exactly what I had hoped—worked tirelessly and confidently to take our meeting to a new creative level, but with a humility that enabled him to learn as he did so. It was a pleasure working with Matthew and I look forward to doing so again!

"... raves from all quarters."