Dan Schmit

Founder/CEO Engine Room LLC/ QuickFX.com, VFX Supervisor, DP, Creative Director

After working with Matthew for the last few years, my best way to describe him is as a complete one man agency. Matthew’s acute attention to design is the backbone of what he brings to any effort, that and his razor sharp sense of humor. In the last 15 months he has produced and art directed for us a very funny and beautifully executed marketing video, the look of our current marketing website, print ads, trade show booths, email campaigns, business collateral; the full gambit of actual physical marketing deliverables, each expertly executed and integrated into our overall brand.

On a personal level as a business owner, I have really enjoyed our many conversations regarding our brand and how we are presenting it. At the start of every phase or project, he asks all the right questions setting off an efficient exploration, which is skillfully lead with fun and expertise. If he doesn’t know something he seamlessly learns it. As a brand lead art director his sensibilities are thoughtfully targeted to the audience he’s addressing, which he successfully translates into all the work he produces. As a team player collaborating with other strong personalities his interactions are always appropriate, while bringing in his own creative voice with the correct level of ownership, and at the same time being completely open to new ideas. He brings a lot to any creative conversation. Other skills of Matthew's that we’ve tapped: awesome 2D animator, great editor, meticulous media finisher when it comes to blending artistic and tech; a digital Renaissance Man in design, motion and branding, and a true pleasure to work with.

"... skillfully led with fun and expertise."